Interactive market visualizations for your audience

Experience the marla magic 🪄. Visualize, explore and design market landscape maps as easy as providing their website. Publish the result to the web and your audience will help you to keep it up to date.

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Visualize market landscapes

Visualizing your competitive market landscape can help you better understand your market, industry, and future opportunities. The marla map gives you the ability to create your own custom market map.

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Let marla find the logo and data

Marla is the easy and simple way to map out your market on a map. You can map out your competitors and keep an overview of the market you are in. We at marla made this tool for everyone working with startups on how to understand the market they are in. You provide a company and marla finds the logo and adds it to the map.

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Using marla helped me to create a bird’s-eye view of the climate tech landscape. I hope this will help others to find a place to start.

Samuel King

CTO at briink

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